Give Me My Flowers

                                                                           Part of Chapter Six 

I once had a neighbor who was a teacher.  Her heart wanted to also mentor children.  In reality, a teacher to me is already a mentor, but she ment ministering to children.  None of us are worthy enough for God, but we are obligated to help by teaching and sharing with others, things that we have learned.  No one knows everything.  There is always something you can teach someone or something one can learn.  That's what makes the world go around.

Don't be afraid to share what God has allowed you to learn because if it wasn't for the grace of God you wouldn't know anything at all.  It is our obligation to love one another and help our neighbor.  Advice should be free.  We should be giving and sharing our wisdom from God everyday with someone; that's called witnessing for the Lord and we all should be doing it.

God also gave everyone of us a different personality and talents. We even have the capability to create our own ideas.  It's enough for everyone.  How do you think the world was enhanced after God made it and gave it to man?  God created us to be creative.  The problem is, so many of us are too lazy, stingy, selfish and, greedy to help share.  They are so afraid one might get more than the other or that there may not be enough to go around or even having enough time to do, what only God will allow you to do anyway.

Everything and everyone belong to God.  All power is in His hands.  God also owns time, so please share your time and talents, and volunteer to mentor to give back.  If you keep it all in, or to yourself, you will become very cold.  Eventually, you will become very lonely.  It is lonely at the top all by yourself and even worst at the bottom all by yourself.