Give Me My Flowers

              Give Me My Flowers While I Live

               And I Will Do The Same For You 

This is a recount of a mother's battle to save her family from the curses that pledged each generation before her.  What are these curses?  Pride, stubbornness and lack of academic accomplishments.

Faith became the key to the door that ushered this mother to where God wanted her to be.  Faith is what you want to impact to your children and grandchildren to ensure that they will not suffer the same ordeals inflicted by the curses that must be broken.

This is a story about a family that was under these curses and their struggle to make a change. Not only for the immediate family, but for the many generations to come.

 Some of the good chapter's are:

  • There are no excueses, we must get it done.
  • We love the girls different, not more, just different.
  • Watch your children better then I did mine and my father and mother did theirs.
  • Learn to read, to unl0ck the real key of knowledge.

 There are many good reasons to purchase this book, but the most important one is to have the ability to help your family turn away from all curses.